Fairytale blues

I’ve got the fairytale blues
Like the prince without a horse
Or the beauty without the mirror

I look around
But wait what’s that sound?
Someone is reading my thoughts!
For kids!

I stop

I smile I wave


heapy birthday

I suffer your love
as poet suffers autumn
and births a heap of words.


the day the red sea became the dead sea

many mathematicians lived to see

especially one who lived to tell

was as special as hell

he lived at night – he lived during the day

he lived right at the judgement bay

the so called mathemagician!


the judgement bay was filled with dead red fish

never ever a delightful dish….and more

the harbour of fools stood foolishly still

filled with fools who wishingly will

have more and more ideas to waste their time with

every time a ship arrived they cheered and jumped


when they saw the great big red dead fish

they knew it was now or never

they saw it in pieces and ate it all up.

what a pisces!


Red soldiers of the red sea were all covered in red fluid

it could be blood, it could be ketchup!

when the day dawned they were all damned

fooled by the so called “historians”

in fact one poetry book has more truth in it than all the history books in the world.

because certain things do taste as good as they look

like love..


old and tired

sometimes i get old

sometimes i get tired

but overtime i am not more nor less

from time to time i am shy and weary

but every time just on time


(Yesterday ThinWhiteDuke became the Black Star how strange)

Fly fly

I cannot fly but I can jump really really high
And from time to time I really don’t know why
Why we have the need to be a part of at big big lie
I know we all can fly really really high

Maybe just maybe if we try but really really try
We might just fly fly fly


Nogle vil mene savn kan være til gavn

Men tit og ofte det eneste der duer er omfavn

Some might think missing can be good
But very often a hug is the only solution

Escape the escapism

I cannot escape what you feel

You cannot escape what I feel

I will not escape what you will

You will not escape what I will

Go ahead and escape

Will, Heart, Love, Truth, Weather, 

Veggies, Must, Green, Radicals,

Reality, TV, Ads, Masks

Art, Dart, Hurt, Dirt

Plastic, Fantastic, Jurassic, Classic

Pure, Fur, Near, Fear

Turn, Burn, Learn Learn Learn!